The Other Side of Friendship

Tyrone Washington has thousands of online friends, so he should have no problem making friends in real life. After all, he’s a successful Army colonel, happily married, and pursuing his dreams. Everything is going well for Tyrone until he and his cousin, Harold, make a bet about which one of them will make a new friend first. Fortunately for Tyrone, he is scheduled to attend the prestigious Eisenhower School at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., so he will have the opportunity to meet career executives from numerous government agencies. Tyrone is confident he’ll make a new good friend in no time. While attending the Eisenhower School, Tyrone unexpectedly becomes fast friends with his classmate, Melissa Lee Park.

As their friendship unfolds, Tyrone discovers that winning the bet will be harder than he imagined. The realization that making friends as an adult is not solely a one-sided endeavor hits Tyrone like a ton of bricks. As his friendship with Melissa progresses, Tyrone finds himself in situations that put his military career, family, and mental health in jeopardy. Will Tyrone be smart enough to navigate life on the other side of friendship?

The Other Side of Friendship by David Grant

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